Get a fresh share of mixed produce each week for the number of weeks you choose.

The Large Share typically contains 3-4 mini heads of Romaine, 6-8 mini heads of butter lettuce, 3 bags of mix loose leaf greens (your choice), and 3 clamshells of herbs (your choice) for $45 for one week, and the longer you subscribe, the more you save..

CSA Large Share

Choice of 1st Bag
Choice of 2nd Bag
Choice of 3rd Bag
Choice of 1st herb
Choice of 2nd Herb
Choice of 3rd Herb
Price Options
One-time purchase
2-wk CSA Plan
Subscribe & Save 5%
$42.75weekly/ 2 weeks
4-wk CSA Plan
Subscribe & Save 10%
$40.50weekly/ 4 weeks
8-wk CSA Plan
Subscribe & Save 15%
$38.25weekly/ 8 weeks
  • This share is sized for a family of four or more people or two parents and two teenage boys. :)

    The bag mixes are 6 oz/bag and the mini heads are packed so they are approximately 5 oz/pkg. The herbs are packed .5 oz/pkg except for Cilantro which comes in 1 oz packages.

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